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The Artist

Paul is an award-winning artist that creates moving trout and wildlife art inspired by his love for the outdoors. Paul studied art in high school and while attending Weber State University where he received a B.S. degree in Botony and minored in zoology. 

Watercolor is Paul's primary choice of medium the transparency of the paint combined with the perpetual motion of the medium combine to create vivid representations that reflect serenity and action at the same time. Paul will also in the near future be working with acrylics which will still allow the incorporation of the qualities of his watercolors while allowing him to explore the different attributes of acrylics. Paul's attention to detail and mixture of colors combined with his use of light, bring to life, fish and wildlife in natural settings. All pieces are completed with watercolors and/or acrylics on watercolor board.

Where to Buy

Original art work is available through the West Lives on Gallery in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Original and commission art work and limited edition prints are available through the artist and Art Shows/Exhibits. Online shop coming soon.

Meet Paul In Person
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Paul showcases his work at many different art festivals throughout the year. Feel free to stop by these upcoming events and say hello!